From Rimouski, Canada, Alex B Martin studies at the Superior acting school of Montreal, then completes his film studies at the TFT school of UCLA. After presenting his own improv comedy show around the world in over than 15 countries, Alex comes back to Montreal to direct the TV documentary Bluffer sa vie, an intrusion into the online poker world, presented at Télé-Québec and TV5MONDE networks, shown in more than 200 countries.


Today, Alex B Martin is directing feature documentaries, documentary series, travel / adventure TV series around the globe. He has also been exploring more and more fictional work in the last years, his first drama feature movie, Cuba Merci-Gracias was premiered at the FNC festival in 2018 and was in theatres nationwide in 2019. 

Alex B Martin is fundamentally interested in relational dynamics and real encounters, making space for moments to live, for rawness to be shown. He wants to witness, to listen, he wants to direct projects without compromises.


Having visited more than 70 countries to this day, Alex travels continuously to connect with others and learn about the different cultural environments.





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